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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


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I've watched the NFL since hight school, and I love it. Funny thing, most of the guys I've dated have hated football, and my husband couldn't care less.

Last year, I was in two otherwise all male leagues and did very well. This year, I started my own with other knitters and crocheters, and we are having a great time although I'm currently in the middle of the pack.


off topic,but -


My view of football is skewed by the fact that my older brother forced me (how you ask?) to chase his footballs for hours (more like months) at a time while he prepared to go to the Punt, Pass and Kick Finals in Dallas. I was about eight years old and thought it sucked that he got to go (and was on TV during halftime) while I sat at home with my mom and watched. I grew up in a sports-crazed home and enjoy turning games OFF. But sometimes I catch myself watching...not just watching, but paying attention - and I laugh at how much I know about the sport. It's like this big huge secret. Oh - my brother did give me the jersey he got during the competition in Dallas, and I still have it.

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