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Saturday, January 20, 2007


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My brother the gardener???? Wow, life is full of surprises! I loved the photo gallery, since I haven't seen your house yet. You should see my backyard at the moment. I'm sure I'm starting a new trend. Who else can boast a 20 foot UHaul loading ramp stretching nearly the width of their backyard and leading into their house??? Can you say trend setting!

Honestly, I like the house, and I too have found some peace and enjoyment in trying to make my yard more enjoyable as I've grown older too.

Love ya!


It looks great! How fun. Soon they'll start growing like crazy (real soon I'm guessing - it'll be warm there up against the house, and with the brick holding the heat). I just love Pete's - so I'm glad you guys were able to get out there. There's just a different feel when you go to a place that grows their own stuff - there's a different level of understanding about the plants. But then hey, I'm an addict.

Janet Edens

Uhm, Dan forgot to point out how cute the Xterra is.

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