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Monday, April 09, 2007


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Hey, I've done it already a few weeks back. Thank you.


I'm always ecstatic to find out that somebody outside of the immediate family actually reads us. Thank you, Ivy.

Me too, I get all kinds of giddy when I find out someone I don't already know is reading!


Peter Levine

24 Steps to Liberty

I wouldn't recommend JOS as a thinking blog, especially with a 5 blog constraint and the number of excellent bloggers that are writing to be thought-provoking.


Y'all, that's so cool that we're a favorite and that we make you think! Same to you, of course!


Wow. Thanks for the very kind words (now confess - who paid you? My Mom? The lab?).

To add to the list (an eclectic mix):

An always fascinating ScienceBlog about women in the Sciences (it generates alot of interesting discussion):

And there's Creek Running North and Olduvai George - but I'm not sure if O.G. is still out there posting - but even if he's not, go back and look at his amazing illustrations (you literally feel like you're inside a very different world). They're both well-known sites and get lots of comments (I'm just a lurker at both sites) - but if you haven't seen them, and have an interest in the natural world, they're really interesting.

There's many others...


Thanks for the tip of the hat our way to our just stumbling out of the blocks blog.... We learned a lot of what we know from coming here to read and vent.

I'm taking the entire list as a group for further reading.

Like others... it makes us smile when someone notices.


I want to second the motion for Baxter Sez. Bright, thoughtful, and oft-times funny posts. One of my favorites.

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