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Sunday, September 23, 2007


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I LOVED ms. Pacman, but never had enough money in school to be truly addicted. Now, there's a console you can plug into your TV and I got all excited about being a master and bought one. Man, is it frustrating to have to start over and over. And over. And over. (I've never gotten past the pear level. Or is it the banana? I can't remember and don't care.)

Computer games in which you can save your forward progress were an improvement, but even then, the early ones (I played Lands of Lore obssessively for awhile) just make you click and click and do the dame things over and over. So BORING. I'm so soured on those kinds of games I don't even want to try World of Warcraft. My kids tell me it's not like that, but I see them having to run/fly/ride to the nearest city to rest, for, like, 5 minutes of just watching the back of your character. I have things to do.

So I am always a little curious about the people who have remained addicted/interested in arcade games because the games just make me feel like a lab rat.


Just about anything people do passionately and/or obsessively can be interesting, if you get beneath the surface and see what they see, let yourself become affected by it. Three of my favorite non-fiction books (End Game by Dominic Lawson; Salvation on Sand Mountain by Dennis Covington; and Tuva or Bust! by Ralph Leighton) are explorations of such things.


Funny you should post this today, the eve of the most highly anticipated video game ever, Halo 3.

My 14-year-old has long-since negotiated a midnight ride to GameStop from his aunt and permission to stay out of school tomorrow from me.

Yeah, I know. Typical permissive single parent. But I'm not too old to remember what a waste of time much of high school was. And, the kids he goes to school with look like they were taken off the set of a rap video. They scare ME. So, yeah, I'm cutting him a break.

Anybody else waiting in line tonight?

I was disappointed when Robert and Tim moved on to Donkey Kong and other games

Sloop, you don't give yourself enough credit. As I recall, you were one of the team members that put a single quarter into the Q*Bert machine and played all afternoon, switching off every half hour or so.


I forgot about that afternoon. I remembered playing a lot of Q*bert, but since it really was based on a pattern, it got so dull that I hardly count it as a skill game.

On the other hand, the film has a section concerning the world Q*bert champion.


No love for Galaga? That's the only classic I truly loved.


I was never any good at any of these things. I wanted to be -- those games were cool. But I sucked.

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