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Saturday, September 01, 2007


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Wow. One of those very rare days when I call proudly be an ASU grad.


Upset, yes.

Biggest ever...no

Big Ten is overrated.


I just got a report of a carr headed out of Ann Arbor......


There seems to be some sort of electro-magnetic disturbance in the Midwest.


Even I know that's a huge upset. And that's saying something.



rare upset:

No Division I-AA team had beaten a team ranked in The Associated Press poll from 1989-2006, and it's unlikely that it happened after Division-I subdivisions were created in 1978.


It was such a good day for my teams yesterday. ASU, of course, but the Tar Heels got what will be a rare win, and the Cal Bears put it on the Volunteers.

On our last trip to Boone we looked at trying to buy some ASU gear (my college-era shirts have long-since gone to dishrags), but all the places that sold fan-wear were closed. Which should tell you something about the differences between Boone and Ann Arbor. Sure wish I had a Mountaineer hat to wear to Janet's draft this morning.


Appalachian State Miracle


Stephen Dubner had a nice essay about our alma mater's upset in the New York Times.


You know, ASU has given the alums a real gift with that win. I must have received 20 emails from friends after the win, and I rarely publicize the fact that I went to school there. My bonnie can refer to it as "Hillybilly U" as often as she wants to, but I'm going to be able to tell everyone I went to ASU now without the slightest hint of apologia.

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