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October 03, 2007



Dan, as always, your reasoning is impeccable. You DO pay attention.

Our differences come in those close... anybody could win these match-ups type of games....

So this week... I've got the Jaguars...and you are right... they are consistently inconsistent.

I'm also taking Washington over the Lions. That will likely be a crazy, sloppy game... but maybe Gibbs and his bunch find a defensive scheme to contain Kitna.

Good luck with your picks!


It's pretty obvious what I need to do to improve my percentages: Take half my Just Guessing picks each week, at random, and reverse them. Because I'm clearly doing worse than flipping a coin in that category.

I'm 8-5 going into Monday night (6-7 ATS), which means I can boost my season straight-up percentage with a Dallas win over Buffalo. But I'm falling apart every week in the Just Guessing picks. Over the past two weeks I'm a combined 1-9 in the category.

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