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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


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Oh, Pat Roberton. If ever a man had Jesus's own heart ...

I follow Latin America to some degree, and what no one is saying right now is that Robertson is misrepresenting the failed coup attempt.

It was the furthest thing from a popular uprising -- Chavez is an extremely adept populist, and his support comes almost exclusively from the bottom of Venezuela's socio-economic ladder.

Its supporters, instead, were business elites. If I remember correctly, the coup briefly installed a prominent businessman as president.

And we did err in handling that situation -- by recognizing the coup leaders' government as the newly legitimate government. Didn't make us look smart when Chavez came back to power.

Chavez is, yes, an autocrat. But, oddly, he is a democratically elected autocrat who has survived recall challenges.

Just a bit of background.

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