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Tuesday, September 06, 2005


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Everyone should watch Olbermann's commentary. In a week in which the broadcast news finally got pissed, I've never seen anyone tell it straighter.


Interesting journal:


Anna Haynes


BTW DailyKos has been a good source for news, e.g. the first-hand account reported here

And kudos to xark, where an report early last week noted that the situation would be going to hell.

Michelle Murphy

"...the Sean Hannity/Bill O'Reilly-fed view that "the story" in New Orleans was rioting, ungrateful, scary black people. That was the storyline FOX News assigned to Katrina..."

BushCo forgot that Fox is the news they feed to the proles and instead they believed their own scary propoganda. Fox needs to accept responsibility for some of those deaths in NO due to authorities holding back on rescue and relief because of the (way wrong) perception that it was too dangerous to go in and bring water to dehydrated babies.

Janet Edens

The worst part is that for every looter who made the wrong choice, there were more people who made the right choice. There are all kinds of stories about people who put their lives on the line to rescue others, who stayed in dangerous situations to protect loved ones who couldn't leave, who were unselfish and sacrificing.

How many stories of "American heroes" came out in the wake of 9/11? You can always find what you're looking for ...

There are many permutations of racism and most of them divide us in ways that create bitterness and separation. It is very interesting to see foreign coverage of the crisis, which often focuses on the race issue. Maybe this will give us an opportunity as a nation to talk honestly and bravely about a complicated and painful subject.

Here's hoping ..

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