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Saturday, October 08, 2005


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Jean McGreggor

What a drag.If they can't use people why just have folks, who as you say are using vacation days or missing work and pay sitting when there is so much still to be done? Put them to work or send them home but don't waste peoples time.

Janet Edens

kudos to you, nightwind, for trying to do a good thing. too bad our government is squandering it.


Great Gawd, Catherine, that's awful. Absurd. Outrageous. Thank you for being there, but ... this is pathetic. I really don't know what to say.


I was looking at other Katrina sites and saw yours. Here on the Coast of Mississippi we did not see FEMA or Red Cross for a few weeks. If not for the efforts of churches, there would have been even more tragedy here.

Here is my own FEMA joke:

How many FEMA workers does it take to repair your house?
Asnwer: Doesn't matter, they aren't coming anyway.


Aunt Deb

I don't understand how the American Red Cross operates. I have read that they have contracts with FEMA, in which they supply housing and FEMA reimburses them. Yet the Red Cross has received millions in donations from people who assumed their money would be spent to aid the victims of these catastrophes. Now I have read several reports from would-be volunteers, saying essentially that there is nothing to do.

Who monitors the Red Cross expenditures and activities?


The organization and existence of the Red Cross is complicated. There are certain things its is required by its charter to do. There are other things that they are not required to do but that they do anyway because its more efficient for Red Cross to work an area than to have FEMA and Red Cross working the same area. I couldn't tell you exactly what falls into what category, and as I understand it from orientation there's a ton of admin between Rede Cross and FEMA sorting out who ends up paying for what.

The Red Cross IS doing things. FEMA is NOT popular down here, while the Red Cross generally is. I've heard from people who DID get deployed that they have repeatedly been thanked for being there because they haven't seen hide nor hair of governmental agencies.

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