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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


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Welcome back from your tour and thanks for everything you did, or tried to do.

I would imagine that your born-again simply heard "left the church/polytheist" as "lapsed Christian trying to rationalize something less than orthodoxy." We can't see what we can't imagine, and for some people, that's about the limit. But, as you said, that's not spite -- such comments can often come from sincere, if misplaced, concern.

Regarding persecution: Here in South Carolina we have one of the better-publicized town vs. witch stories, Darla Kaye Wynne vs. Great Falls. What they've done to Darla is pretty horrible (she went to court over the town council opening its sessions with prayers to Jesus Christ and won; townspeople struck back by harrassing her and killing/kidnapping some of her pets), so I rode up and met with her one summer day in 2004.

Let me qualify this so there's no misunderstanding: I think that Darla is right and the town is wrong and it's time for them to get over themselves and pay her legal costs and be done with this thing. But having met Darla, I think it is equally true that (at this point, at least) Darla is provoking confrontation. The death of her parrot really pissed her off, so I can sympathize -- but on the day I was there she was so clearly trying to generate a hostile reaction at the local hardware store that I wanted to crawl under a rock.

Is it as simple as that? No. The people at the hardware store had done something to deny her a permit of some kind, and it was clearly discrimination. And I recognize that sometimes it takes people like Darla to push the system and generate the kinds of change that benefit everyone.

What I'm saying is that any pagan should understand that we get back -- in spades -- whatever we put out. I think Darla is winning her point at the cost of her happiness, and I just find the whole thing tragic and sad.


What I'm saying is that any pagan should understand that we get back -- in spades -- whatever we put out.

Ironically, as a Wiccan Darla should already know that, as it's a basic understanding in our worldview.

Jean McGreggor

I personally catch very little grief myself,and I am way out of the broom closet. An occasional rude comment or a snarky remark. I caught more crap when I had NOW or Pro Choice stickers on my car. I am discreet when I visit family in North Carolina but I don't take off my pent. Besides,there are so many things about my life that would garner disapproval in that part of the world I tend to keep my head down anyway.

Janet Edens

amen, sister. It's funny how you get comfortable with yourself. At first, I was so self-conscious of my goddess pendant. I felt so brave, ready to take on all comers. Now, I don't think about it much. I don't need to hide it or flaunt it.

Generally, people as individuals are not unkind. It's when the "rightness" of their group identity is threatened that things get ugly. Everybody so wants to be right.

Even the Left.


You guys really think we "get back in spades what we put out?"

That's way more faith in the inherit justice of the universe than I have. To throw my Christian viewpoint in there, I ask with the Pslamist "Why do righteous suffer and the wicked prosper?"

Three thousand years later, our best answer remains (in my view), "It's a mystery."


You know, ben, I'm really not sure why that is, but I highly suspect that karl rove had SOMETHING to do with it.



Congratulations: You've solved the problem of evil.

It's taken a while, so you may get some sort of recognition. How does "St. Dan of Brown Summit" sound to you? I mean, apart from sounding like rank heresy.

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