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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


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Ahhhhh...winter solistice! A bonfire on Johns Island with all my favorite pagan friends...and not a single bah humbug or discussion of the true meaning of Santa Claus, hmmm, I mean Christmas! My thanks go out to The O'Really (?) Factor for bringing this war to light...or dark, as the case may be. Did anyone see the moon tonight? Well, I've got to go now, and add another yule log to the fire...and to bring in my "yuletide tree" - a foster holly which should help me ward off all those evil spirits wandering around Mt Pleasant...


Of course, you could look at it this way:

With the Christian right and Athiest left going at each other over Christian holiday interpretations, they only thing they agree on (or at least not fight over) seem to be older, "pagan" symbols.


OK, cut his microphone. Cut it. Listen, pal, I'm not going to let you spread your secularist, Mr. Smart Guy poison on this show, alright? So just shut up. I hope your mother's not watching this.

Oh, wait...



Ironically, Christmas really isn't as pagan as people say either. Most Christmas traditions are, in fact, only a few centuries old.

Jean McGreggor

You mean the ones made up by advertising companys?
May I suggest "The Winter Solstice" by John Matthewes?
The Winter Solstice has been celibrated since time out of mind (as well as the Summer Solstice )Many of the traditions we cherish today have been handed down,mixed together within blended family units and adapted to modern times.That doesn't mean they don't have ancient roots.

Janet Edens

it doesn't matter who was FIRST, just who is RIGHT, people. Which, of course, is whatever I say.

Happy happy holidays to all of you, whatever you believe. A toast to love, joy, good friends and free expression!

oh, and free chocolate.

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