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Friday, April 14, 2006


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People risk their lives to work. Most illegals I've spoken to (and some of you remember I occasionally used to write about them) intend to go back to Mexico after they've built up a little savings.

They pack so many people in living areas because ... wait for it ... they believe in saving money.

I guess that does put them at odds with American culture.


I agree with you guys. It's fine by me. As you said, they're settling in my neighborhood too - and it's great. I'm loving the music!


Anyone else read Stratfor? They had a *very good* discussion the other week that points out that the issues are less about il/legal immigration than the culture and location of immigrants.

In short: a clutch of Mexicans in New York City are not a problem even if they're illegal.

A clutch along the Rio Grande can move the border even if they are legal. In fact, legal is even worse. What if the border population of the US voted 90% to join Mexico? Uh-oh, bye bye moral high ground.

We used this reason (or excuse, depending on your viewpoint) to support Texan independence from Mexico and then accept Texas into the United States. In fact the discussion in the US right now seems eerily similar to Mexican treatment of Texas in the 1820s.

The big issue is cultural identity. When people come into a country and identify with the old country it causes problems for the new one.


Really? You mean we could conceivably give parts of Texas back?

This just gets better.

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