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Thursday, April 20, 2006


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Jean McGreggor

I've spread the word amongst my folks !
Blessed Be


Damn. I'd really like to go to this but have set-in-concrete plans.

Janet Edens

Check out the wiki. The best parts of this movement are stated in the Uplifter Manifesto: It's about being a positive force in the world, rather than a mere consumer of its resources.

Yeah, I know. People talking about making the world a better place conjures up all those stereotypes of hippy-dippy, New Age, free-love-and-daisies half-wits.

Forget 'em. Uplifter is about practical ways to up life's joy quotient by sharing personal knowledge, technological or otherwise.

As the Manifesto puts it:
If we want the space around us to be a little better, we need to get a little busy.


If the date works out I'll come to it. I am no tech expert but you conveniently held it on my street.

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