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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


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Jean McGreggor

mmmmmm, banana puddin',cole slaw cut up fine,SWEET TEA,cucumbers drizzled with vineger,sweet potato pone,scuppernongs,musk melons,cantilope,watermelon,sweet corn,hush puppies

It's a chant to invoke Summer.

I got my daughter hooked on fatback from Mama Browns before I told her what it was.


When I first moved to Charleston, I went out to the Seewee Restaurant in my neck of the woods. I feel in love with it - I mean, it listed macaroni and cheese as a VEGETABLE! Gotta love it.


I both respect and despise you people.

It's 1:33 p.m. and I'm stuck behind a desk. Hungry.

*shiver* So hungry ... So cold ...


Update: It is now 2:30 p.m. on the dot and I'm well-fed thanks to your little sales pitch. :D

<3 Piggly Wiggly <3


See Wee...Yesssss. Their fried eggplant is the stuff dreams are made of. If you are going to do fried food these folks know how to do it right. Mmmmm.


I can't believe you mentioned Mama Brown's with not one comment about the HEAVENLY Kingstree BBQ! Shame....SHAME!!!

Jean McGreggor

What, step into the vinager verses mustard based debate? Not I.
I like them both, even though I was raised on the vinager/pepper type. Now those people in TEXAS with the BEEF,thats just WRONG.

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