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Friday, September 08, 2006


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Yeah, I messed up and attributed my original post incorrectly. It has been corrected.

Janet Edens

I encourage everyone to read chip's response and the comments afterwards. I can think of nothing that makes my point better. It illustrated perfectly the condescension, hostility and rudeness that even a former party voter receives when expressing any opinion deemed contrary to the neocon line.

And, for the record, Agricola, if Daniel ever needs a spanking, I'll handle it, but thanks for the offer.


You ain't seen condescension if you think that was condescension. The problem is that liberals don't like any refutation to their TRUTHINESS. I simply pointed out the opposing views to the points that Jeda made. And Jeda made some outrageous claims, and some downright silly ones.

I guess maybe I was condescending about Jeda calling Muslims and Persians "towel-heads", but damn, since when is it okay to be racist? Should I have let that one slide, hmmm?

Janet Edens

I am terribly sorry that I offended you or anyone else with that expression. I thought about putting "nuke the towel heads" it in quotation marks, as it was a phrase I have heard repeatedly on talk radio. It has been used numerous times (if you search it on the Web you can find it in several columns) and I thought it well-known enough to be a meme. Obviously it wasn't.

It was very kind of you to consider those who may have been offended and allow me to set the record straight, since it may come across as my wording.

I've had my say and you've had yours. We'll just have to let others judge for themselves. Thanks for being interested enough to read xark.


Yeah, I went ahead a did as you suggested, and did a web search for "nuke the towel heads." Funny thing, though. The only column that I found that contained the words are written by liberals who are trying to pin the words on conservatives with no substantiation at all. Places like antiwar.com, lewrockwell.com, HuffingtonPost.com. And, of course, you. So no, it's not well enough known to be a meme, unless you lean liberal. But everybody knows that liberals can't possibly be racist, because they love the brown people of the earth! What I hate is that liberals just love to paint conservatives as racists, while being racist and dishonest to do so. It's old.

Anna Haynes

> But I care passionately about this country. That deserves respect.... For gawd's sake, don't act like I'm stupid. I'm pretty sure it won't convince me you are on the side of the angels.

Case in point, in Nevada County Calif: supervisors, preparatory to voting 5-0 to rent Diebold machines for the November election, framing the concerns as (paraphrase) "conspiracy theories", "quite silly"

Now that is scary.

> Republicans have, by and large, nailed themselves to the cross of the Bush administration.

Case in point - actually, rather worse -
I recently tried to give a right wing acquaintance a copy of Orwell's 1984; he refused to accept it, saying "I'm a conservative"

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