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Saturday, October 14, 2006


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Cara Michele

"A guy whose name I couldn't hear says "SOMETIMES THE PASSION WILL FIND YOU."

That was Fecund Stench from Vie de Malchance.


No. 8 is tough for me. Recently I noticed that someone from work googled some key words and found my site (it was a day that we happened to be working on something together - and I can't imagine anyone else in the world googling those words...the person went and linked to other posts on my site for awhile. I haven't talked with them, I was out of town). Are they talking at all about those of us where our work and our blog are connected (eg academic bloggers - but they're only one example - have you ever worried about it)? There is risk, and then there is RISK. I don't feel that I'm in an environment that allows much free thought...funny, now that I've written that, to realize how ludicrous it is...it's a University!

Anna Haynes

Just want to say thanks, a lot, for live-blogging the sessions; it's great to be able to know what's going on.

(and btw, xark is up while convergesouth is down, so you _are_ my info source)


Great post.

As you know my blog is in the select but very vibrant knitting and crocheting world, but I've enjoyed coming out of that world to comment on others blogs too.

It's been interesting, enlightening, and helpful.

Xris (Flatbush Gardener)

What was #10? Did I overlook it?


And the prize goes to Xris for noticing there is no No. 10.

I don't know why there is no No.10. I was taking notes and we were on No. 9 and seconds later I looked up when the subject changed and we were on No. 11. So maybe they did No. 10 so fast I missed it. Or maybe it's like the Monty Python "Bruce" sketch where the Austrailian professors are running through the rules and they get to rule No. 3 and say "Rule No. 3: There is NO ... Rule No. 3. Rule No. 4: NO POOFTAHS."

But actually, I just missed it. Anton Zuiker "Mister Sugar" has rule No. 10 in his notes at BlogTogether: and it's "MARKET YOURSELF: Figure out how to get people to talk to you."

My way, apparently, was to leave out No. 10.


Thanks for blogging about this excellent session. I didn't take notes, but wanted to remember the excellent points.

Dave Beckwith


Great tips, for someone just starting out after a few months.

I wondered if you had any tips for dealing with spam - nothing sinister just the typical Viagra types... :-) Like their product promises they are quite enduring and persistent!
Keep it up


What a fitting closing, Mike.

Hugh MacLeod

"A story without love is not worth telling."

What?!! No citation????!!



Jill Foster

--Excellent source which I continue to cite. It was a great ConvergeSouth. Thx for taking the time to live-blog this & oddly, thanks for skipping #10. It made me reflect, ponder, reflect on the mystery.

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