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Friday, October 20, 2006


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There's a group on Facebook that would love this. "WE NEED MOAR INTARNETS."


Travel niche

You forgot Travel niche! Travel niche is one of the strongest backbones and pharmacy.


I don't trust that cylinder labeled "CIA-NSA" lurking over on the side trying to look inconspicuous.


Again - hilarious. I love the "Nigerians who need help with banking". I might have to add "Prosective Postdoctoral Fellows from India and China who start off all emails with "Dear Sir: I have been closely following your laboratory...". Oh well. But a funny story: I used to make fun of Larry Page. But he was a kid, the son of a MSU professor who lived with the tech in one of the labs I did graduate work in. She (the lab tech) used to always have parties and we'd go to her house and there would always be this kid playing on the computer. So we'd always make fun of him as we walked by his room. Who knew. The woman who raised him has now retired from her job and supposedly has three homes. I was invited to her retirement party and couldn't go - I just found out a month ago that Page was throwing it for her. What a riot.

Marcos Sanchez

Really cool map of the internet ! For me the opinion of the web 2.0 should refer to the startpages such as : pageflakes , goowy and desktoptwo. They are on a big fight against the globe...

Penny Page

Holy crap, some has alot of time on there hands, but i do like the concept.

Penny P


Thats dumb you forgot all the ads that pop up like ones you don't need like for mustang parts

Account Deleted

its a nice post, i liked to read,excellent work,go ahead

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