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Monday, October 16, 2006


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Wow. I couldn't make any sense out of Dan's jibber-jabber about Converge South, but you made the issues clear. Thank you. :)

At any rate: GREAT questions you guy raised all weekend. Sad to say, and this may be a cop out, but I'm just happy that these questions are being raised, are being forced, by changes in access and outlets. While I'm not even going to attempt to work toward answers (I'm happy to watch all of the rest of you work those out), I will happily trace out these changes.

At any rate, I'll make a loose commitment to join your guys there next year, ok?


Grr... my comment didn't post. I think I forgot to do the verify thing, which I discovered after getting the reminder to do so on another comment I just left on a previous Daniel post. So to recap so much less eloquently... ah, actually, I think I'll now just say that I am with jmsloop and grateful for your clarification. And, okay, maybe you'd be rich, if you had the answers, but I don't know about popular, which does sound all conspiracy-theorist like, but I spent the weekend hearing Greg Palast and Amy Goodman talk about their experiences and I really wonder.

Janet Edens

Live blogging is only for the hard-core. I talked all the way home from North Carolina while Daniel nodded, drove and tried to get a word in edgewise. Y'all are lucky, you only got the condensed version! There's plenty more where that came from.

Peg, welcome back!

Deanna McNeil

Just stopping by to say hi and umm, yeah, I don't any answers to these very good questions either. Dinner Saturday night was fun and interesting!

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