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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


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Great story, Janet, and a wonderful summary of what is clearly a large story. I wonder, however, about your last line. Part of the fun of blogging/internet discourses is about the fact that the answers about credibility are so friggin' slippery. While ultimately we do need to know what to trust and not to trust, we also need far more outlets where "questionable" material can be released. This probably shouldn't all take place on the same blog, mind you, but don't we want some of this to remain rather messy?


"Honestly, it's been difficult for me to ascertain the specifics"

I have a post up at Plead the First that gives some basic background info on the RMA report, to help folks get up to speed on what's happened so far. The events have been unfolding for over a year now, so it can be difficult even for some of us locals to keep all the details straight.

By the way Janet, it was nice meeting you at the barbecue before Converge (I was the one with the two kids in tow).

Janet Edens

Of course we do. But not in the context of journalism, which is a distinction I'm trying to say we need. I'm not at all interested in cleaning up the messiness of blogging. Not only does it have have a vital role in culture, but it's downright entertaining. In fact, I worry that any effort to limit bloggers will have a chllling effect on Web information.

I AM interested in distinguishing online news reporting from commentary, opinion and speculation. We need both.

Without that distinction, without some lines between the two, we will lose the ability to do what the Web can do in ways no other medium can.

One could argue that the release of the RMA document is a good thing because it's forcing the city to reevaluate its decision to say nothing when it could have said something. I would argue that citizens have a right to know why their city official was fired. I'm not sure they have a right to read a commissioned security report that details unsubstantiated rumors of wrongdoing and lists names of private citizens who may or may not have been involved at all.

It's fine that you can't believe everything you read. I don't want a world in which I can't believe anything.


Wow! This is a wildly interesting and thoughtfully written story. Thank you.


Thought-provoking. Thanks.


I just can't help but be slightly annoyed that people are tying the RMA dissemination with ConvergeSouth.


Yes, darkmoon, but when I read their comments I get a sense of the person behind the ConvergeSouth conspiracy theories. Beauty may be skin deep, but ugly goes right to the bone.


I would really appreciate your de-tagging ConvergeSouth from this post. The conference had nothing to do with this entire sordid matter except happen near the same time and be a place several people were going anyway.

Yeah, I have no right to expect you to do this, but I do have the right to ask.

sean coon

good post, janet. i just want to comment on one point. you said:

"What about the cohesiveness of the blogging community that has been so powerful and productive?"

we're all individuals; with individual blogs, jobs, concerns and perspectives.

some of us know all of us in the real, others know no one. i'd venture to say that most of us land somewhere in the middle.

the only attribute we absolutely share is living in greensboro (and its many sub-communities/neighborhoods) and being aggregated back together through 101.

unless everyone loses their passion to publish, i think we'll be just fine.

Janet Edens

I thought about Sue's request quite seriously. I understand the reasons for it and sympathize with what must be a difficult situation. However, the meeting was mentioned at the closing session of ConvergeSouth and the issues that it raises are integral to what the sessions profess to be ... a look at the impact of Web communication via blogs.

This post has been up and tagged since Tuesday and it would feel dishonest for me to untag it now. I regret any distress this causes.

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