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Friday, October 27, 2006


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Jean McGreggor

The dumb ammendment also has an impact on hetro couples who choose to live together with out getting married.It's made a great talking point and I've gotten a few people stired up with it. If you haven't yet, go to www.dumbammendment.com

Uncle Zoloft

Yea! More No votes~! We've got over 250 listed at the Zoloft/Effexor houshold.
Now if everyone who's going to vote no could get 5 more people to vote no.

Fingers crossed.

Janet Edens

dumb doesn't begin to cover it. Jean is right. While same-sex couples are the apparent target, the wording of the amendment will have ramifications for couples who do not want get married, can't get married or haven't yet gotten married. Further, it refuses to recognize such unions from other states. Shades of seccession! This is just plain unAmerican.

Government doesn't belong in relationships between consenting adults. Why do these people hate freedom?


I'm with ya. No worries there.


No, for reasons explained at Agricola.com.

Rose Paul

NO, NO, NO, vote no on Amendment ONE!!!!
Why can't the government stay out of our bedrooms and our wombs?!


Wisconsin is voting on one of these damn amendments as well. And, just as Xarker reported, I've seen zero campaigning in favor of the amendment. I fear they're hoping ignorance will pass the amendment, that people will fear that Wisconsin will be overrun by crazy, immoral, liberal homosexuals if they don't pass this amendment.

The only TV campaign against it that I've seen seems to be addressing these fears. It's entire point is that voting "no" is a vote for no change: gay marriage /still/ won't be recognised and gay couples will get no special treatment.

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