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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


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Janet Edens

I STILL hate Miami and all the prognosticators who told everyone that Miami was going to be a contender, thus inciting me, against my better judgment, to select Ronnie Brown AND Daunte in my draft.

The might Claymores have fallen to 2-2, losing to a winless team who managed to rack up 68 points to my 43. His previous high score? 41. My first loss was handed to me by a team who previous high mark was also 41 and also racked up 68 points. hmmm... maybe I should play those numbers in the lottery.

On the bright side, I retain (for the 4th week) the Points Scored champion at 245, extending my lead from last week's 22 to a comfy 27. I am also the Points Against champeen at 253, 28 more than the next guy in line.

I don't know what those stats mean; I'm just hoping it will encourage me to continue playing a stupid, idiotic, dumb game that Daniel got me into. This is his fault.

There! I feel better. On to Week 5!!!

P.S. The Chargers DID NOT outplay the Ravens, my awesome new favorites.

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