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Monday, October 16, 2006


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IIRC they also sold foot long rubber-bands that could go from the furthest point of your outstretched finger back past your ear and seriously zing the kid next to you -- probably several times until a teacher took it away.

I was never sure why they sold these, but they did. The ice cream was pretty damn good, too. I never tried taking a date there -- must have been something about being 9 years old...

Dawn Adams

Maybe its just us three that have fond memories of Yum Yum's. To me Daniel, it is the memory of the times I went there, not so much as the memory of that hot dog tasting so good.

But I must confess, on the few instances that I've returned to Greensboro in the past few years, I always make a stop there as well.

But to my mind, it was the ice cream that was better than anything else.

Since I'm the only one of the three of us who actually attended UNC-Greensboro, and spent a hell of a lot of time in the Math Building across the street, I'll have to tell you, that only on a very rare occassion indeed while I was in college did I ever go to Yum Yum's.

It was all the times when we were little that I remember the most.And while I have very little to remember about our childhoods with such fond memories, this is one of them. And walking into the place just made you feel like walking into Mayberry. A little home town place in a big (or at least bigger) city.

I actually teach with a woman who attended UNC-G when we were just those little tykes bouncing around the Corner, or Yum Yum's, (I often wonder how many times we crossed paths and will never know.) She too remembers that wonderful little establishment with fond memories. It's just one of those things.

I remember bouncing down to the Corner to pick up packs of baseball cards with the slick piece of bubble gum in it. Boy was I always thrilled. But then, I knew NOTHING about baseball then, or the players. It was just such a cool thing to do as a young 'un.


I read your post on Yum Yum's and I laughed so hard! I have worked at Yum Yum's for about 7 months and it cracked me up when you said the bit about,"The service is neutral at best, with a reputation for being occasionally surly and combative." I know exactly what you mean....especially on Saturday's. Sometiems when its not so busy, we even ask the customers what they think on the topic....its just a lot of fun and everyone having a good time. It keeps the mood up when we are working the long shift on Saturday's! I am glad you liked our hotdogs!

big t

Just stumbled across the article.

An excellent description of their hot dogs.

My wife has worked there for about 20 years now. It took me the first 10 years of dating and marriage before I even LIKED their hotdogs. Now, I love them.

I'm still amazed at the number of people that cram into that little space to place their orders each day.

And I'm always a little in awe at how my wife can balance so many hotdogs on her arm while calculating in her head the total of an order. Imagine if someone came up to you and asked for 2 all the way, 1 no onion, 2 slaw dogs, a cone of ice cream, a cheerwine and a bag of chips and you had to not only remember their order but calculate how much it costs in your head? Amazing.

Lisa Hubbard

Just stumbled across this webpage today! I grew up in a beautiful old home at the corner of Stirling Street and Walker Avenue right across the street the International House" of UNC-G. My memories are very fond. My sister, Cheryl and I went to school at Curry as did our mom, aunt and uncle. We walked to school every day...no, not in the snow and not all the way uphill both ways. We would stop at Yum's Yum's every day at it's original location and put a penny in the gumball machine. If we got a speckled gumball, we got a FREE ice cream cone! What a treat! Our grandfather, Pa-Paw, would walk with us after supper most nights for a "cone of cream". Very special memories for me. It was so sad the day we had to sell the house to UNC-G but growth was inevitable, I suppose, and that meant they needed our property and so we had to move. I still, 48 years later, go to Yum-Yum's. In fact, a friend of mine at work just left to get us hotdogs, chips and ice cream! I can taste it...AND SMELL IT...already!!

Mark Hinson

I LOVE Yum Yum Hotdogs!!!!! I live on the outer-banks of NC and soon I will be passing through greensboro, so you know where I'm stopping, at Yum Yum's. I eat 5 hotdogs there one day, I was stuffed but it was GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

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