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Thursday, November 30, 2006


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Great addition to the Encyclopedia of Acronyms. We have always liked to use the phonetic version of CF, as in Charlie Foxtrot, allowing usage in public while respecting sensibility. Another acronym, which we believe implies a level above Charlie Foxtrot, is Goat Rope, used, you guessed it, as Golf Romeo. In usage, I can say: "Traffic was a total Golf Romeo on the crosstown today", and my wife gets it. Our personal favorite, however, remains.."So Thanks For Understanding"......which we will leave to your imagination as to its acronym.


Exactly. I first heard of a Mike Charlie Foxtrot in the cav, except the "Mike" stood for "Mongolian," and I never understood why. I like "massive" better, because "Mongolian" insults the great people of Mongolia, heirs of Ghenghis Khan, with whom I have no quarrel. I just want to say that on the record, because the last thing I need are a bunch of enraged Mongolians.


I prefer TCFTEACF... "the cluster f*** to end all cluster f****" .... and given the way things are going, that might not even be metaphorically speaking....


And it's SNAFU at Xark.

Journalists, however, largely believe that it's possible to call a thing what it is--as if "what it is" exists in some Platonic form.

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