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Monday, January 22, 2007


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Dan, I of course feel like congratulating YOU on getting to the Super Bowl, which makes little sense, but I of course strongly identify you with the Bears.

At any rate, I don't know if you'll remember this, but when we were in an Honors class together on "The Future" (with Wentworth and Gerber?), you wrote a timeline that stretched into the future. Somewhere in the 2000s you humorously inserted "Bears win the Super Bowl." You oughta find that thing and check the date.

Got a score prediction for us?


That course on The Future was, in retrospect, tremendously influential on my life. In many ways it was a disorganized mess, with Jay and Bud sort of poking around in search of structures, but really -- how else are you going to teach the future? But it gave me William Irwin Thompson, an introduction to the idea of futurism as an academic discipline and an appreciation for how essential (and impossible) prediction really is. Because we're always predicting the future in big ways or little. I've been trying to get better at it eve since.

So, yeah, I remember predicting the Bears would win the Super Bowl, but I didn't imagine they'd do it just two or three years later. And I think I predicted a rogue nuclear weapon attack in another part of the world, and hot war in Korea... My big prediction was the collapse of the Soviet system, although I didn't see it happening in the 1980s.

So with those failures in mind, you can appreciate the "value" of this prediction:

Bears 22, Colts 20.


A nice post, and a great photograph. My hat's off to you for predicting the demise of the Soviet Union, but it's too early yet to say you missed the other two items. Sounds like you and Sloop were in a very interesting class.

On the other hand, look who's leading the playoffs in total defense.......that would be the Colts. They are also the team that happened to beat the second place team in total defense in the playoffs, the Ravens. As Xark has said, and I agree, defense wins championships. The Colts are playing well enough to win, have kept big plays to a minimum, and have forced teams to make long drives for points (not counting kick-offs). So, as a counter-proposal, I predict as score of 20-13 Colts. Remember, you read it here first.....


That spotty kick return coverage may be the only Colt weakness that matches up against a Bears' strength.


Xarker... you have had an amazing year predicting games. Very bold to get it right in August! I'd never attempt that.

And I hope you are right on the final prediction. My heart wants the Bears to win. But my head says the Colts win by a touchdown. Grossman is going to be the Achilles' Heel that gives out.

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