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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


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Dan, are you sleeping with Rex Grossman? Should Janet know?


Funny you would say that. Last week I had one of those dumb anxiety dreams where I'm just sorta processing information and it's tedious rather than interesting, and in the dream I'm sitting politely listening to a Charleston etiquette instructor talking about which forks and spoons to use at a dinner party, and she is noting my rough exterior and trying to connect to me. So she leans in, all friendly, and says "You know who has excellent table manners, Mr. Conover? Rex Grossman." And in my dream I exploded at this woman: "JESUS CHRIST! Will everybody please just shut up about REX GROSSMAN! I'm SICK TO DEATH of hearing about him!" And the nice society lady burst into tears and I woke up, annoyed.

Your move, Dr. Freud...


Not much to disagree about, except perhaps the final score and the Manning/Grossman battle. But I say the Colts prevail, but will not cover. Good luck.


Troy Aikman has an interesting discussion of what it might mean for Grossman if the Bears win, including a parallel with Trent Dilfer, as we've discussed on here. See it at:



Sorry Dano. The game shouldn't have been that close before those interceptions. The Rex haters will be all over him for the game. But the Bears were thoroughly dominated, other than the kick-off return and the long run leading to the second TD. What a rain-soaked, sloppy game. I can't remember playing conditions like that in the Superbowl.


Dan, my sympathies as well. I'll be interested in your analysis of both the game and of the discourse around the game (especially during) when you have a chance to think about it.

In the meantime, just let me say that while I enjoyed the overall emotional pull of this one, the rain sorta made me feel like I wasn't watching either team at its best. I realize that part of the charm of football is that it is supposed to be played in any condition, I would rather have watched these two teams play in perfect conditions.

Grossman? Well, for any other quarterback, it wouldn't be that bad, but man, this is going to lead to even more silliness on the part of fans/pundits.

Finally: any thoughts on Dungy's claim that he and Smith are most proud to be "Christian coaches"?


Yup, sorry Dan. My brother in law will also be in a bad mood for several months. My wife will not call him for at least a week.

Give Rex a hug for me. He's gonna need it.

Joyce Sasser

Sorry,Dan....thought about you all the way through and actually watched for you....had a great party anyway, wish you had been here!
Hang in there...will be interested in hearing your take on the game....rain, rain, rain... what a sloppy mess which didn't lead to the best for anyone I fear. Sorry, Dan. Mom


I have GOT to stop smoking so much crack. I don't know what I was thinking when I wrote this.

But the truth is, I had a better night than the bears did.

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