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Friday, February 02, 2007


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Boston: All your base are belong to us.


I HEART Aqua Teen Hunger Force--the Mooninites ones are the best (the Foreigner belt episode is hysterical!!!), and I wish that marketing campaign had been in Charleston.

The cynic in me says that Boston helped Turner Broadcasting get more "bang" for the buck, and even if they have to pay Boston the $750K, it's cheaper than Super Bowl airtime.


It took me two days to figure out what the story actually even was. All of the articles about this disastrous case on CNN have been written with the assumption that all readers will clearly see how bomblike these devices appear. I read through story after story that simply said that when these signs were found, bridges and rivers and intersections were closed due to concerns of terrorism. I would blink, then blink again, figuring there much be an entire paragraph that is invisible to me but obvious to the author.

And then there started being mention of how these light up signs have wires of all things, and it starts to dawn on me wait a minute, lighted signs show up and Bostonians presumed they were bombs? Is that really what they're (badly) reporting? Does Boston not have electronic billboards? Do people panic every time a new stop light is installed? Is the entire town still lit exclusively by gas?

Clearly Boston was in desparate need of these signs. Welcome to the 21st century, Boston. Yes, we have electricity. And signs. And occasionally the signs even flip us off. Do not panic. This is normal.

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