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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


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Janet Edens

Oh my gawd. I laughed so hard I snorted. This is awesome.


Having seen very few of these movies, I would just like to say that Blanchett and Winslet should win in their categories simply because of the hotness factor. Then again, you made a pretty strong case for Mirren, what with the smoking and the scotch. And I am getting older... so I'll call her a dark horse contender.


All I want to know is what you guys are gonna wear on the red carpet.


While I didn't see the other movies in Wahlberg's category, I, too, thought Marky Mark stole all the scenes he was in. It was a great performance. I saw the Departed (and movies like Syrianna) on DVD with English subtitles. The theater may be a better viewing experience, but you can miss a lot of you can't go back and watch a scene again.


When is the Academy going to wake up and create a category for Best YouTube Video?


Good question, Pam, about the Red Carpet. If Sloop and I go together, I'd probably need to wear something that offsets the ungodly amount of eyeliner he puts on (he tends to view every public appearance as a chance to mimic Marc Bolan, circa T.Rex). Maybe something in a stunning blue? Purple's my favorite color, but too much of a good thing....

More scary for me is how I would handle talking to the Joan and Melissa. What would I tell them about my outfit? "I'm wearing Eddie Bauer, and I just want to say it's not about the statue for me, it's more about just being marginalized by celebrity culture. And, yes, they're real. Stop staring."

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