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Friday, February 02, 2007


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While I'll have to leave it up to Dan and some of your moneyball types to figure out if Favre is a good bet to improve the team or not, I've got to admit that I'm not keen at all on Favre coming back. Now, I'm not a Green Bay fan, granted, but I do like Favre. For me, it's more of a matter that I hate to watch greatness fade; there's nothing sadder than watching an old quarterback, an old box, slowly losing their skills.

Yes, Vinny is still in the league, but as a third stringer. I mean, can you imagine that Favre would take on such a role?

So, yes, in my mind, it is at best ambivalent news that Favre is coming back. I mean, if you're a team player, a team fan, you do what's best for that team. Just as I always thought Saint Cal Ripken got too many kudos for starting games while injured and in a slump (he probably would have helped his team by sitting his ass down at times), sometimes the best thing for a team is to know when to either hang up the cleets or to grab a clipboard and start teaching the new kid how to assume the mantle.


You think THAT'S a negative headline? I've got your negative headline: "Favre to return; Necessary rebuilding put off to 2008."

Of course, as a Bears fan, I can appreciate Favre's greatness -- but part of me wouldn't mind seeing him get hit by a bus, either. He's killed us over and over and over...


Just remember what E.B. White said: state things in the positive, please. That's just good writing.

As for Favre, somehow he managed to get that team close to contention last year. He's still playing better than most of the quarterbacks in his conference.


First time visitor here, and for what it's worth, here's an opinion from someone who knows next to nothing about sports (and likes it that way):

You said: "...I couldn't help feeling a little upset by the headline's negativity: It's news that he is not retiring, suggesting that the expectation would be that he would, in fact should, retire."

Even I had heard speculation that Farve might be retiring. And if there IS an expectation that it was a possibility -- and you acknowledge that this expectation wasn't necessarily unwarranted -- then the big news worth stressing is that he ISN'T.

But I can't agree that the headline suggests that he "in fact SHOULD" retire; I think that's stretching things a bit. I don't see that at all.

I'm not saying you're wrong in that perception...I'm just saying that to someone else, there's nothing in that short headline that makes me think "it's time" for him to go.

As someone otherwise uninformed on the subject, I would walk away from that headline with the understanding that he was staying put, no matter what the rumors have suggested...and that's all I'd walk away with.

Just my two cents.

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