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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


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Once again, you're my hero.


I just watched the finale. Damn I love this show. Tigh as a cylon? I mean, we'd all been guessing who it would be, but he wasn't one I was guessing. I did wonder if they'd try Adama.

I was reading Starbuck as the 5th cylon (explains how she's back), but I think you may be right on the hybrid track. Also, you're certainly right that it raises the questions of how many hybrids are already in the fleet - and you wonder what's the big deal about Hera.

So what do we think happens when they reach earth? At the moment, my bet is that the whole show is set up as a kind of prequel to human civilization, that we're all hybrids. It has a touch of Hegelian synthesis, and it would, oddly, make an implicit statement about how one solves "ethnic" conflict.

But the writers keep me on my toes, so I doubt it's that obvious.

Other fans: Thoughts?

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