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Thursday, March 08, 2007


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I don't know if it's Internet Explorer or what, but I can't get the pages to load. I'll try other means, but it may be worth knowing . . . .


We'll be nosing around, looking for the low hanging fruit. And the links worked for me via Firefox.


Love the pages (too bad I don't live there to enjoy the results of the lists you'll get on the FIVES pages). Charleston was a BLAST, by the way, and you guys were wonderful hosts.
Anyway, Firefox worked fine for me, IE still does not. While I know you can simply tell me to use Firefox, it may be worth knowing for the sake of other visitors.


It's a glitch with the redirects. I get the same problem when I try to load the blogs in IE off the Charleston.net/funandgamesblog URL, but it works fine when I load it by the typepad URL (postscripts.typepad.com/mr_fun).

So I'm going to fix it here, but the great thing is that you spotting this glitch let me alert the Internet director that however his people had set up the redirects, something wasn't working right.

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