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Friday, March 02, 2007


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So ....

Published Science Fiction/Fantasy Authors and Artists

| "consider
| = themselves
\/ less geeky than ..."

Trekkies Who Get Married in Klingon Garb

Puts you at the "top"?

From where I sit, you're on the bottom of the food chain. Heck, you're practically normal.



I can produce an endless supply of witnesses who will testify that I'm not anywhere close to normal.


I guess it all depends where your are in the context spectrum.

In the context of geekitude, you're beige. But in xarkiness, I'm sure your witnesses will attest to your rainbow of wierdness.


Bah. A "Geek King" who can't read a simple directed cyclic graph. I sneer at your supposed geekiness.

I offer the following proof of your ungeekiness:

1) You are married
2) You have children
3) You drive a friggin Ford Crown Vic, for God's sake! (OK, given that you're not a geezer or a cop that would actually support your claim of geekiness except "FORD" just can't EVER be geeky)
4) Your major fall past time is Football!

#4 alone disqualifies you from membership in the Geek royalty unless you are capable of walking into a sports bar and sickening the inhabitants with your esoteric knowledge and analysis of ancient games.


I agree with Dewey on #4.

Don't be knocking Ford as a potential geek-mobile. With the appropriate number of extra (and extra long) antennas and in-dash touchscreen computer anything can be geeked-out.

Besides, it's not the make or model, it's what it can do!


Here, Dan, for the next time you try to prove your geekiness (except don't tell anyone you think Java is "cooler" than C).

Oh, and can a geek be married with kids? You bet!


Hmph! I'm married, hoping for children, and generally drive Ford cars. My husband loves football. My husband is also a Trekkie, I'm a Whovian, we both dress up for conventions, we're both live action and tabletop role-players, we're both Anime fans, I'm a fantasy artist, my husband is a HUGE comic book fan, and we've seen every episode of the major currently running sci-fi TV series (Doctor Who, Heroes, and Battlestar Galactica, plus the Dresden Files.)

Jared Smith

Wow, that chart makes me feel somewhat normal.

*gets back to playing with his personal NEXRAD toy*

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