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Wednesday, March 07, 2007


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Soooo many freaking thoughts are running through my head right now. Mostly lyrics from "Still crazy, after all these years." Not sure why.

Can we PLEASE start a captioning contest for these? Lemme try (ahem):

(in order of photos)

1) John Sloop paused, horror-struck, halfway through his pontification. Did the plant really whisper to him Van Hesser's location, after all this time? Had the others heard? Somewhere in the night, a lone wolf howled.

2) "I can't believe it! I've chained myself to this radiator for over three weeks, and Kristin Hersh still hasn't returned my calls!"

3) Her metamorphosis nearly complete, Bonnie reveals to Janet and Elizabeth her right arm; the last limb to be regenerated, as is the custom amongst her people. Somewhere in the night, a John Sloop howled.

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