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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


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Greetings from Boone. Just tripped acrossed this post and thought I might direct your attention to the Boone Music Archive Reunion http://www.boonemusicarchive.org/reunion.html which is taking place April 21st. You may find info on Scott Whipple's whereabouts.
A while back I posted a photo of my PB Scott's membership id card on my blog: http://blueridgeblog.blogs.com/blue_ridge_blog/2005/09/assorted_smatte.html
...and no way would I pay $250 for that poster, but I'd love to have a PB Scotts t-shirt.


Uh, Marie... you were, um, what we technically like to call "a babe."


Daddy's Money, Blacksburg, Virginia, 1983. R.E.M. played to about 30 of us (that number included the band and the wait staff). Yep, I'd love a copy of that poster.


pam, are you a Hokie?
Daddy's Money is an odd place for REM. There was a better joint, this old church (???) on Main Street where bands like Nervous Romance played -- the greatest cover band ever!
i went to a Police concert around that time. REM opened for the Police and the crowd booed. People going to see the Police didn't know jack about Radio Free Europe, I guess.


Yep, I'm a Hokie. Was a WUVT DJ too from 1981-1983 - and we used to sponsor bands all of the time, and so I was 'assigned' to help R.E.M. to set up. Yes - Daddy's Money was an odd place, but it might have been during a brief period of time when the church was closed or being renovated or something. I used to go to that church all of the time - 117 North Main, or something like that?


i was a freshman at VT in 1983.
yup, 117 South Main, ( or maybe it was North Main.) i've seen many bands there. you can get right up close.

as far as nostalgia, a friend of mine was in a band called the Janitors in Blacksburg. they were looking for new singer, and he was looking for a loft. so he made a poster that said "Can you carry a tune? Are you a singing loft?" with a photo of a loft.

it cracks me up just thinking about that silly poster ... but we don't laugh at stuff like that out of college.


Hue, I got my BS there in 1981, and my MS in 1983. Yeah - I think it was South (not North) Main - that sounds more like it. Great place, spent alot of time hanging out up in the balcony. There, or at Mr Fooz on Wednesday nights. Good times. Don't remember the Janitors - but do you remember Not Shakespeare? We hired them for a party once - I think they ended up going up to DC and playing alot, don't know what happened to them after that.


Awww...Daniel thanks. If you were around then, I certainly would have wished you had asked me to dance...

walter biffle

this is my butt talking, so i can't point you to any particular piece of critical theory, but check out the idea of the "one-of-a-kind" and "authenticity" being replaced by "the local." This is a case of that fer sure.

anyway, memories of REM throw me into paroxysms of teenage angst. The snare flam at the top of sitting still even now sets my jaded, near-forty heart a-flutter.


i remember Not Shakespear, a punk band? i have a picture in my mind of one of their singers with Duran Duran like hair and black clothes. Didn't Not Shakespear play cover as well as their own songs?

i lived in Pritchard as a freshman, and it seemed like everyone on my floor played guitar.

my friend Rob was the guitar player for the Janitors. he was an electrical engineering student. when his parents came to visit, we hid all of his equipment for him. Rob never graduated, like so many people at VT.

do you remember Nervous Romance? they were also from Northern Virginia. Seemed like everyone was from Northern Va. or New Jersey, cheaper to pay out of state tuition in Va., then in state in NY or NJ.


I was at the REM show at PB Scott's. I remember Scott Whipple very well and was a member of his Numusiklub. As a club we had dance parties around Boone and charged admission.The money raised went to fund more parties and eventually the REM show. Another interesting tidbit. Scott passed out copies at the show of REM's now infamous and highly collectible Hib-Tone 45 with Radio Free Europe. I managed to get 2 copies,one of which I sold for $75 many years ago. I would love to get my hands on any recordings of that show.I can still remember very vivdly Mike Stipe dancing on stage wearing a huge over-sized foam rubber Cowboy hat. Goodtimes in the 80's for sure!


Drew?? Is that Andrew "Drew" Huebner, former Martin Wright roommate? Ultimate frisbee player? cary, nc denizen?


Nope, but I knew Drew and Dave Huebner and Martin Wright too. I have partied with Martin a few times in recent years. My last name is Harris. I met all those guys my soph year at ASU thru my roommate Randall McCorquodale and his pal Steve King. So who are you jmsloop?

BTW...I hear there is going to be another Boone Music Archive sponsored show up there in early December. I'm going to try to make if possible.


Hell, if that's true, we all ought to make a pilgrimage back to the Source in December.

Martin, I'm sure I'd be shocked if I didn't recognize your face, since I remember both Randall and Ghengis. I'm bad with names now, though.

Kenyon Kelly

Hey, dudes! I lived next door to the Hubners, et al, out on the west side of town. I was also at that P.B. Scotts show. In fact, later that night I gave Michael Stipe my ear cuff in Scott Wipple apartment. He'd never seen one and thought it was real cool.

The Boone Reunion II was not as fabulous as the April show at the Gamekeeper, though it was fun. Horray to Chris for his efforts and Wendy & Ken and their staff for making this "Mid-Life Crisis" a blast.

So, getting back to the original point, what ever happened to Scott Wipple? Surely we couldn't let a person such as he, who helped to ignite our collective cultural frenzy, just slip away into obscurity.

Maybe so, but I'll never forget it as long as I live.


WHO R U PEOPLE? probably i met you in G-town 1987-1988?? - I was married to steve for many years - and know all your references...........


REM played at after Sundown (not 117 or Daddy's Money) on May 2, 1983... It cost $2.... I scanned the flyer and sent it here http://members.iinet.net.au/~darryl74/images/rem1983-05-02.jpg


May 2, 1983 was Derby Day at Virginia Tech - REM played at After Sundown - a video/dance joint which space was annexed by the Virginia Tech Book Store after it closed, which was itself the succeeding tennant to Kennedy's Music -- all across the street from 117 South Main Cafe. Michael Stip came to a student house, since demolished, on Ellet Road to drink gin (Tanqueray) and tonics with students who worked in Virginia's film industry during the summer. REM returned to the New River Valley to play the Dedmon Center at Radford in 1984 & 85 about 30 minutes away from Blacksburg. Daddy's Money, a bar and grill space complete with parking deck atop Mish Mish art supply store, became Morgan's then Buddy's then Eat at Joes and then the American Red Cross. The space is now vacant. One Tuesday night as Morgan's, the Lemon Heads, the Gin Blossoms and the Goo Goo dolls appeared, but the show was sparsely attended - more musicians than fans.

Jim Posner

I was at that show and had a blast. The next day REM was did a record signing at Record and Tape Depot. Good times for sure.


FYI: My suitemate was Ruth Buddenbaum who married Dave Huebner. I would dearly love to reunite with her.

stephen galluzi

fyi, I just purchased the P.B.Scott's dome in boone which sits on top of a three story home on a mountain top and in the process of refurbishing it right now and am stuned at all the talent that passed thru there, any info or photos would be greatly appreaciated, thanks Steve G. e-mail [email protected]

Randall McCorquodale

I heard that Whipple was in Minneapolis for a while. I don't know if he is still there though.

The REM gig at P.B Scotts was an amazing thing, complete with bouncers that didn't quite "get it" you might say. :))

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