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Wednesday, March 07, 2007


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What a great subject and a good interview. Can we expect more of this from the re-assigned Xarker?


Yes. I'm really interested in the e-mail interview, because what it lacks in spontaneity it offers in thoughtfully composed answers. It's really a new form, and worth exploring.

This one has nothing to do with my day job, although I think Aio/Jonas are worthy topics for a newspaper. But I just concluded a 10-question e-mail Q&A with Garrison Keillor, and that will be on my Friday 5 blog on Saturday morning (an edited version of five of the questions will appear in the paper's new People section Saturday). And as you might imagine, I threw Keillor some high hanging ones, and he hit them out of the park. To wit:

Q: There's a soothing quality to your on-air persona, which makes me wonder: When long-time listeners meet you in person, do they impress you as either comforted or alarmed by your actual personality?

A:I wasn't brought up to expose strangers to my actual personality. In public I am calm, unfailingly polite, soft-spoken, and modestly intelligent. My actual personality is rather different and involves velvet bellbottoms, heavy oak furniture and torches in wall sconces, the consumption of absinthe, and an obsession with the tango. That is all I care to say about it at the moment.

My first Xark e-mail interview still isn't complete. I sent some questions to a bootstrapper who is starting her own health-food restaurant here and she promised to answer them, but hasn't gotten around to it yet (the woman's starting a business and is, uh, busy).

In addition to that, I'll probably be doing a series of Q&As with one of my favorite writers: Patricia Anthony. She's agreed, and I've been thinking about how that might go, but I want a little more practice with this form before I start in with her.

Nothing against Garrison Keillor, but he's kind of my warm-up for Anthony. Funny guy, Keillor.


I think an interview per week would be great for 5 For Friday. A nice mix of local and national. Keep it going.

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