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Monday, March 19, 2007


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Dammit Nightwind.

I have been meaning to Xark about Battlestar for months - and you have beaten me to it. Frac you! (A Battlestar term).

I did not read your post because I am several episodes behind and didn't want a spoiler. I stay behind intentionally (downloading from itunes), because I like a minimum of 1.5 hours of Battlestar in a sitting.

For those of you who don't watch it, you should. It has dualing religions, politics, interesting analogies to the war on terror, and big fights between spaceships.

It's by far my favorite TV show of all time - nothing else comes close. And I should add that I'm not normally a sci-fi fan, a la faux-uber-Geek Conover.

Now I gotta catch up so I can say something else.



I consider Helo the resident Boy Scout. Apollo, not so much. Not afraid to challenge his dad, sure. An advocate of civilian rule, OK, but it was Admiral Adama that confronted Roslin and made her back down.

For Xarkers not Galactica fans (is that a contradiction?), it's frak", or rather ... FRACK!

The iTunes episodes can be downloaded here (for a small fee per episode or season pass).


While I don't watch the show--but should--there is a conversation about this season that also began yesterday over at Nashville Is Talking.


Please let me clarify something: As much as I enjoy great science fiction, the vast majority of it is adolescent schlock. About every 10th book I read is SF, I'm not current in the genre, and the main reason I prefer writing in the SF/F realm is that the "rules" of success are still more open to outsiders and less dominated by the post-modern artiste cabal that hands out "literary fiction" publishing contracts like personal favors. So, yes, I'm totally a faux-uber-geek.

That said, I thought the new Galactica was the best piece of space opera I'd ever seen. I was so fascinated by it that I actually made watching it a part of my schedule for more than a month. That alone is amazing.

But this is the problem I've got with even really good TV: It's too long between episodes; It takes place on somebody else's schedule; And the pace of the narrative doesn't match the demands of my entertainment time budget.

On Sloop's recommendation, Janet and I have been watching Lost on DVD. And it's good. But even with the DVD right there, that slow, soap-opera unfolding of events and story drives me crazy sometimes. There are so many things I want to be doing. There are so many things I need to be doing.

I know the iTunes deal for Galactica changes the equation for the slow pace between episodes, but once I fell off the regular Galactica bandwagon I figured I'd better wait a while and then get a bunch of them all at once. But I haven't.

So what I really need is for somebody to do a Battlestar Gallactica recap here every week. I'm interested in the culture that's being created around me, but I'm one of those people who really wants the Cliffs Notes version.


If I'm even going to be tempted to do such a thing, I need to figure out how to put those nifty cuts in so the entire post isn't on the main page, since some people are staying deliberately behind in the story. Someone care to point me in the direction of the appropriate code or button?


Don't worry about me - I'll just be careful in my reading!


Catherine! Darlin! I'm so sorry! I could have shown you this before!

Down at the bottom of the post page in the right hand corner is a link that says "Customize the display of this page." Click that.

The second section in the customization screen is "Post screen configuration." You're set on "Basic." Switch you default from "Basic" to "Advanced."

Now go to the bottom of the screen and save the changes.

Your post screen now gives you TWO windows for writing. The first one contains whatever you want to appear on the front. The second one contains whatever you want to be visible "after the jump." Using this second screen, you will be free to write until your heart's content. And I hope you will.


Weee! happy happy joy joy!

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