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Sunday, April 08, 2007


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"Nobody likes being told they are evil and foolish ..."

My life became much easier once I just accepted that as a fact.

The Case for Teaching The Bible
Bible Course Becomes a Test for Public Schools in Texas
Public School Bible Study?


People under a tyrant will fight for their freedom, people in a free society will fight for the restoration of the crown.

Like Journey sang: "Wheel in the sky keeps on turnin'..."


And I don't have an answer to this conundrum. How do you prescribe tolerance for people whose beliefs tell them that tolerance itself is an act of subterfuge, a wolf in sheep's clothing? How can that answer ever satisfy such people?

Yet we are called upon to make a decision, and not everyone can always be happy with the outcome. What is best for the nation? For society?

The answer is amazingly simple for me: I don't need the rest of the world to live by my ethics. I believe that toleration is paramount. As such, I try to be as tolerant of other beliefs as possible. If certain people do not return the gesture, that is there decision and their karma. You don't have to earn my tolerance. If you did, it wouldn't really be tolerance.

By tolerant I do not necessarily mean believe or accept as truth. There are many religious ideas that I believe are dead wrong, but I also believe that people have the right to believe in them in peace. Hence, I absolutely support someone's right to believe that homosexuality is evil and even to express it in civil ways. I do not support, however, heckling mourners at funerals over the issue.

*sigh* If only your son's logic worked... 4 billion people on this planet would be Jews!

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