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Tuesday, April 03, 2007


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Honestly, the first thing through my mine was "Well, of COURSE he snorted the ashes. I mean, really, what else would Keith Richards do with ashes?"


LOL and so true, Catherine.


Maybe it's a sign that I read far too much, but using cremains as snuff (or even having a taste) has been mentioned in too many books, bad jokes, and memoirs for it to have any real shock value left... come on, Keith - be creative!


What a beautiful metaphor for the people of the 60s who, unable to change their worldview in these times, have transitioned to this kind of thought process. Ashes of a loved one with the dust of another love. Is Keith repeating the words:"From dust we art, and to dust we return"....again, and again, and again?

All I can add is......beautiful!


How sad.


Now he denies it, says it was a joke

Nonetheless, the remarkable thing is that NO ONE took it to be so.


father's little helpers?
father was the little helper?


I don't believe the "retraction" even for a second.

But I would have paid green dollars to have been a fly on the wall at the funeral parlor where the poor funeral director (probably a Stones fan, and well aware of the distinctive uncertainty of Mr. Richards achieving "final peace") had to hand over the ashes to Keith.

"And, um, just a final word, Mr. Keith, if I may. We like to recommend that family members, um, how to put this, leave the remains alone. By this we mean to suggest that the urn and its contents are purely for memorializing purposes, not, um, 'interactive,' as one might put it. Mr. Keith? Mr. Keith? Oh, dear. He's gone under again...."

I'm gonna dig up Howlin' Wolf

Put his skull on my guitar.

I'm gonna dig up Howlin' Wolf

Put his skull on my guitar.

Well I'm gonna eat some head cheese

Gonna go too far.
--Mojo Nixon


Look, I know its only rocking roll, but I like it. Come on, this was a joke. Keef is on the Disney Pay-roll now, he can't have cigarettes in bed or snort old Burt up his head. Keef is even more the barometer of the smart thing to now more than ever. Remember when he saved Charlie's life when the Stone's drummer O.D.'d on H? Don't let the cover fool you; Keef is solid.

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