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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


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John You Ignorant Slut:

Everyone knows that true Americans only eat Polish sausages, or weiners, off of those little rolly things at convenience stores. Eating something better than that is simply putting on airs.

Remember: a TRUE taco is just improvised cuisine deep fried within a corn tortilla. Which means that, in most cases, you REALLY don't want to know what you're eating.


Years and years ago, bumping along lonely SC concrete 2-lane highways with evenly spaced expansion joints(bump, bump, thump, bump), my dad would tell me we would stop in "about 15 minutes" and I would start the countdown.

A cold Pepsi and a package of Nabs.

Square, orange crackers with peanut butter. Six to a pack. More would be too much and, certainly not less.

We drove miles and miles of Carolina backroads, delivering counters and racks and shelving he had made in his shop downtown.

I guess I miss him.

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