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Tuesday, May 15, 2007


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Some of us wondered what had happened. Welcome back!


OK, so here's what happened:

Janet and I took the kids to the Lake Edens Arts Festival on Thursday, and in the week leading up to that trip we had to get about a week AHEAD on our work, so there wasn't much time for xarking.

Janet came back on Sunday, but dropped me off in Black Mountain, where fellow Xarker John Sloop and Xark lurker Robert Huffman (and potential new Xark reader April Spencer) picked me up. April bailed after beers, and the guys headed up to Boone, where we once roomed together.

We camped outside of Blowing Rock. Much drinking ensued.


LEAF was SO fun. the music was great the weather was ... mountain-like. the kids had a blast. Best part? We go running out of the rain in to the main stage tent, only to have a pretty girl next to us say "Hey, Dan!"

Turns out it's Nicole, one of Pam's grad students, whom we had met a few weeks ago at Moe's. She and her husband, Buck, live in the 'hood. They introduce us to Farrah and Mitchell, who also live in the 'hood. One of our routes to work takes us by their house.

Even better, Farrah is the power behind "Falling Together in New Orleans," a documentary about the aftermath of Katrina, which they happen to be showing at LEAF. Dan went to see it and scored a promotional DVD, which I can't wait to watch.
(watch the trailer: http://www.brightcove.com/title.jsp?title=316010385)

I know other cities have great art scenes and cool people, but Charleston/Lowcountry truly has more than a fair share ...


I think I like that Xark goes quiet from time to time. Everyone on here gets busy. I just got back from my brother's wedding in S. Texas. I drove. Then my other brother's car broke down, which meant I spent an extra couple days in S. Texas before spending another 18 hours in a car. Ack.

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