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Friday, June 01, 2007


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Heck, they got us right--Robert's Western World on lower Broadway is indeed a great bar. Touristy area, to be sure, but a wonderful place. Come to town, and I'll be sure to take you there (as my Bonnie and I recently did with Robert).


I haven't been to Moe's since I can't find my key, but I'm all in favor of the new Moe's taking the overflow, particularly if the overflow is "just visiting"....

Of course, you could always direct them to "The Ark"....


i can't get into the Ark, and that's probably best for all involved...

Nashville... I hear it calling me...


Any list of so-called best bars in America that does not list at least one of Portland's forty or so brew pubs clearly is not authoritative.


Sorry, but their Atlanta listing is hilarious: The Clermont Lounge, which is in the basement of a cheap motel and populated by overaged strippers. It has camp appeal, and he mentions the legendary woman who crushes beer cans in her cleavage. A nice line:

You're having: A PBR and second thoughts.

They also got La Tuna in San Antonio, which is awesome.

The worst part of the list is the gross overrepresentation of California.


Whatever you think or know about the "Ark", just know that it has (or had, it's been awhile) the best traditional shuffleboard in the area.

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