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Friday, June 29, 2007


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When you put this alongside Zima's "mom My Ride" video, it's clear that storytelling is evolving. Ain't it cool?!


This is cool!


There's an interesting theme this week that I've seen a couple of places (including an editorial cartoon) that compares coverage of the iPhone to coverage of Paris Hilton, as if both are inconsequential.

I couldn't disagree more. Technology is changing our lives and our economy at an unprecedented pace. There are real economic penalties for people who don't develop and maintain a basic concept of where technology is heading. If anything, I think tech is undercovered, and I take in account the PR blitz for the iPhone when I say that.


I definitely agree with you, Dan. If anyone has been to the Apple website and seen the instructional/promotional videos they have about the iPhone's tech, you instantly understand you're looking at the top icecube on the tip of the iceberg with this stuff.

Full disclosure of geekdom: I was in line last night to check out the iPhone. A new Apple store opened near me, so it was a double-bonus that opening day for the store was also the premiere of the iPhone (I got a snazzy free tshirt). I was #94 in line. And let me say, my fellow geeks were so attuned to the larger scene in which the iPhone is debuting, I was stunned. I wished I had brought a voice recorder instead of a camera to capture some of the discourse. These people weren't just drooling over the nifty technology, they were commenting on what it means to be a Mac fan, to be an early adopter of technology, and their defensive contempt for all the people who kept walking past us asking what we were in line for (my favorite response I heard shouted: "Vaccines!"). So whatever the iPhone blitz is, it clearly is tapping into the well.

As to David Pogue, I admire the heck out of him. He's a true media rhetor and educator. Erudite, witty, and always find a sense of style that bridges info-with-tainment. I keep a copy of his "Missing Mac Manual" by my computer at home at all times. He writes for a lot of venues, but I'm glad to see the NYT kicking in the resources for a little online video, as well. I think he is perfect for that medium as a tech tuber.


Dammit this video is good... this is what we *need* to be doing! i have plans...

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