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Monday, June 25, 2007


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ROFL thats one ugly dog. Well deserving of the award.


ah, great minds think alike...I just had to submit a photo for a Social Network (tm) and was thinking of using that one.


The previous WUD ("Sam") looked like a diseased, singed, abandoned mini-gargoyle. But Elwood... well, there's just something sorta... obscene about him.


As a Xark! note relevant to this post: Xark has seen a huge uptake in the number of hits over the last three days (3 or 4 times the normal number). Some invesigation reveals that it's due to people typing in a google image search search for "Worlds Ugliest Dog" without proper punctuation (i.e., without the apostrophe). That is, if you type an image search for "Worlds Ugliest Dog," Xark is one of the top three hits, and if you type in "World's Ugliest Dog," we're not.

So, anyway, I would like to suggest to Dan that, given our ongoing success with the Christmas porn images, that you create a lovely post entitled "Worlds Ugliest Dog wears Santas panties with Elves in Christmas Porn Gala" or something of that nature.

Give the people what they want!


I think the dog is cute you people are mean jerks! :(


I thinks is soo cute :D
Look at that little face :)<3
He/shes beautiful!:)


...What's with his tongue? Every picture I see of this dog it's hanging out of his mouth... Is it FIXED that way?

fuck you

aww. that poor dog...

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