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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


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Gotta agree with you, sloop. I changed the channel after awhile. I will give the show credit: It did make me think and does attempt to tackle the complicated subject of spirituality in real life. But later as I drifted off to sleep, two things crossed my mind:

With all the truly horrific suffering in the world (maybe, like, say, Darfur), I can't really buy that God's big concern is adultery and alcohol. Would that those were the worst miseries we inflicted on ourselves and each other.

The second thought was that fictionalized divine revelation has always seemed a cop out to me. Who wouldn't choose "good" (whatever that is) if an angel showed up with blinding white wings and a message from God? The real trick is to make good choices and experience the sacred without any such proof positive.


If you like Damages, Mad Men on AMC is another great show, produced and directed by Sopranos' alumni. And you can't miss it, it's always on. I love the early 60s, people are smoking in every scene.


Yeah, I thought it was kinda cool. Smart dialogue and a sometimes hard-to-watch view of some thankfully outdated attitudes.

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