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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


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Finally, an issue that divides the nation along clear lines! This video has been showing up all over the place (and I have to tire of watching it).

But equally remarkable as been the way some, most notably the Today show, have been coming to her defense. To wit:


What I think is at the heart of this is that her handler ("talent coach") dropped the ball the other night when the answer was given, but has done a great job of working overtime since then. If you watch the accompanying Today show video, you will see just how coached a person can be. So, shame and kudos to her talent coach. She'll be more famous for the gaff than whoever the sadly articulate winner is.


My thoughts is that the thing as is education, and the South Carolina people on top of the school, and the education. The good thing for the people. It will be of help to Iraq, and to the peoples of the others, to have the education. And the South Carolina will have the greatest from it.


Miss Teen Colorado won, btw. her question? Who does she prefer: Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie or Lindsay Lohan. she, of course, had a coherent answer.

i'm not sure what bothers me more - Miss Teen SC's disturbingly incoherent answer, or the Paris/Nicole/Lindsay question. what makes them thought-provoking? really?

(Miss Teen Colorado was a Paris fan, fwiw).


Dan, you know she is heading to Appalachian State. An SC Southern Carolinian going to The Appalachian State. Maybe she really didn't hear the question.


Well, everybody's got to go somewhere.


I hate pageants so sososososososo much. I hate them. REALLY DESPISE THEM. in that they are making up of the value of what's pretty and certainly for the explaining of TRUE cultural standards, as in old lady and old goat-generated standards for as to how young women should be seen in as much as they are NOT to be heard. Obviously. Clearly!!! Not being smart is really an ass et. I mean, she 'raqd up third place, peeple.

But i digress with the tasking prompt of my motivation for writing a comment.


i just meant it was a two-fer, adopted state, alma mater (right?). not that has any reflection on you.

i started at Va. Tech, finished at VCU, tho i when people asked me where i went to college, i always say Tech because of the football program. ESPN recently did a story asking how students feel about Vick and Cho during first week of class. the two items aren't related. dumb story.

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