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Thursday, August 23, 2007


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If one can't be expected to tell the truth about the music directory on the personal ipod, how can one be expected to expose the disparate elements of the personality in any way approaching honesty? Agreed, though, that with time the burden of covering up all the ugly stuff just becomes a bit too wearisome, and letting go is awfully relieving.


What I'm talking about here doesn't even require outward honesty. An internal contradiction could be between the introvert/extrovert split. Or between the "fess-up" and "shut-up" approaches to honesty.


How do you live at those intersections without being a neurotic mess a substantial portion of the time? Not that I deal with that, or anything. Because I am laid back.


but see, i AM a neurotic mess much of the time... except when i'm not. i'm just less upset about it.


As others have said, recognizing that you have a problem puts you well down the road to recovery. Good luck...


But is this necessarily something that you want to recover from?



Ever take one of those personality-type tests?

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