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Monday, October 22, 2007


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This makes me want to check Manchester out. And speaking of opening acts, the family drummer and bassist went with their dad to see The Hives open for Maroon 5 in Columbia. The Hives kicked it, says Lee, and M5 was so lame they left after the "headliners" played only a few songs.

Serendipity rocks.

Joshie Juice

Huh. I'm definitely checkin' 'em out (wow, what a bill). I'm a BMRC (and Jesus and Mary Chain) fanatic, although I've not picked up the last one and I've heard it's not good (their first album is hot hot hot, and I personally loved HOWL too).

Your story reminds me of seeing the Dandy Warhols open for someone (I cannot remember) a long time ago in Minneapolis. I loved them, especially when the keyboardist took off her shirt. Hot. Now their huge and there's no nudity. Oh well.

Todd Grooms

I know how you feel. I was at the same concert as you and I was stunned by Manchester Orchestra. I bought their album as well and I'm sure I'll find myself recommended it to my friends in the future.

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