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Saturday, October 20, 2007


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Hay, y'all! My first attempt at live blogging a conference. Wheeee!!!


I've seen a wheelchair used as a camera dolly! The audience thought the camera man was handicapped and kinda upset when he stood up to continue filming ;)

Richard Day

You are right. Most videos I watch on YouTube or any other video sharing sites stink.

You covered most of the problems, but I would like to add some more to your list.

Most videos are too long - 2 to 3 minutes is OK.
Most have poor sound - use a lavalier mic
If you are going to pan, don't pan over to one side and then pan back over the same subject. Just do it once and do it right.
Please edit your video to take out all the dead junk that doesn't need to be there to tell the story. This is especially true of screen capture type videos where you show every click. (You can speed that up on the playback in the editor.)

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