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Tuesday, December 04, 2007


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Jean McGreggor

I am soooo there!


I'll be sure to wear my Pirate Princess shirt, although I don't think I own a tiara.


I'm looking into hiring a sitter, but I am going to do my best.


The princess in my universe, who totally and completely embraced IPD last year, upon my forwarding of your post, contends that IPD should be Dec 7; that the website says IPD is the Friday before Dec 11. Janet, this is causing great perturbations in my castle.....please advise.


We are capriciously changing the date, as is our royal privilege, due to Princess Carol having to work on Dec. 7 and thus being unable to attend.


The Queen of IPD-CHS has spoken. I have no choice (nor does my princess) but to obey.


The only tiara that I've 'owned' (as if a tiara could be owned) one was I bought at...ugh...Walmart...that had 'birthday girl' written on it. I used to make members of the lab (irrespective of gender) where it all day on their birthdays. Mysteriously, and somewhat suspiciously, several years after I initiated this ritual the tiara disappeared. (Do I sense mutiny in the laboratory????)

I end up having a conflict on that night, but will do my best - perhaps I'll straggle in at the final hours and still find some tiara-wearing women enjoying their special day.


Ooooh! This sounds like fun! I'll be there.


We'd stay late for you, Pam. Totally.


I'll stay as long as I can. Cruel, cruel biology is the deciding factor, not my desire to socialize with adults.

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