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Saturday, March 15, 2008


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I love it. Maybe call the owner of Dino's in Moncks Corner, they aren't busy and may appreciate the publicity... I don't know them personally, but they seem nice enough.


That sounds like fun, Dan.


Me, me! If you do it on a weekend.
How about Amuse? They aren't open in the daytime and they really serve tapas.


Me!! ME!!! And I come with experience. In 8th grade, a group of us did a skit for school about the black plaque, and I played a dead person on a wagon who 'accidentally' sat up and started talking before I was off-stage. (I guess I desperately wanted lines, so generated my own).

Oops, wait. I'm banning myself from volunteering from stuff because my life is nuts. Shit.

A brunch place...hmmm...Poes out on Sullivans'? There's already a lovely beetle on the sidewalk.

Jean McGreggor

Pick me! Pick ME! Hockus Pockus has great zombie make up!


OK then. I'll start moving on to putting a production staff together.



Dan, that script is hilarious. If you can move your filming to Atlanta, count me in.


i'd be perfectly willing to stumble about in the background muttering "brains..."


It has been a specific, enumerated personal dream of mine for years to play the part of a zombie on film. It would be virtually impossible for me to screw it up. Hands held up in air: check. Voice demanding what I crave: check. braaainzzz


i'm in if you'll have me. gimme a holler.


I would totally be a zombie. mmm brains...


OK, I've three of the four necessary locations locked down. I'll send everybody word as soon as I can book the final set.


Jason won a Best Actor award for his role as a spooky ghost preacher in a short film titled, It's True, You Know.

I have proof.


Let's see the proof -- or, rather, the film.


The script is great. Unlike Moot, I LOVE zombies, so count me in.


I would love to be a zombie but I'm too busy with my own movies, strangely enough. :(

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