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Friday, April 18, 2008


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This reminds of CNN's iReporter but much better.

I posted yesterday on the end of online universities and how the internet provides a source of quality information that is cheaper, faster, and just as good as what comes from a big clunky institution. Its exciting to see the future of journalism in action. This is AWESOME. Keep it up Dan.


Yep. CNN and others keep trying to think of ways to use their brands to organize citizens into useful networks. But there's a necessary culture crash between cooperative groups and top-down news hierarchies.

I suspect cooperative groups will have to develop outside of traditional media structures to become really valuable. If they're not valuable to their users, they won't be sustainable. And I just doubt that they're going to be valuable to their users/participants if they're being directed by MSM brands with their own agendas.

Plus there's so much ego involved once you move into being promoted by a big-brand media outlet.

Anyway, thanks, Guille! Really looking forward to meeting you.

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